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Anxiety & Stress 

So after being in counselling for 2 years and learning how to live with anxiety and stress  I thought I had moved on and was getting on with life.




Met Steve at an event and after listening to what he had to say I quickly learnt I hadn’t actually dealt with anything. 

When someone asks you why are you learning to cope with stuff when you can switch it off, I  didn’t quite know how to answer and couldn’t believe it would be that easy to do but it actually is. 


Called Steve to help me with weight loss as I have tried every diet, every pill and nothing has worked. But I never realised just how much I was struggling with life and passed traumas. 


I’ve now done 5 sessions with Steve, haven’t discussed weight loss yet but what I have dealt with has made a massive difference. 


I’ve still got a long way to go, I got some Massive things to deal with but I know this works and can’t wait to get rid of all the passes trauma’s and triggers and start living my life.


I haven’t even got around to dealing with weight loss yet but just by clearing other stuff I’ve now lost 10lb without even  trying. 


I’ve introduced 2 other people to Steve and they have also benefited. I would recommend steve to anyone.

If your thinking of going to see him but ain’t sure, go you won’t regret it.

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Unlocking my potential 

Over the course of my career, I’ve been fairly successful in what I put my mind to but never fully unlocked the full level of my abilities. I always felt held back.

It wasn’t until I started working with Stephen did I truly unlock my potential (and still unlocking it).

Essentially, I had played the game of life with one hand behind my back and a head full of traumas.

With only 2 sessions I’ve removed and let go of 6 MAJOR triggers that kept me in a state of being used, having only a fragment of my true self-worth, and shedding years of shame and guilt.

Thank you, Stephen, with every session, I feel more in control of my life and can finally play at my highest potential

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Anguish & worthlessness Healed

After suffering many years of anguish and a sense of worthessness,


I decided to look at alternative treatments, Steve's amazing sessions have totally changed the way I feel and the way I look at life.


Steve's professional nature to instantly remove my stumbling blocks have been life changing.

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Severe Anxiety & Depression Healed 

I was introduced to Stephen through a friend of my dad, and at the time was feeling severely anxious, depressed and as though I couldn't achieve anything.

After just a couple of sessions my life is back on track and I feel so much more confident in myself and where i go in life.
He made everything disappear, like a magicain for the brain.

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Amazing Experience 

Amazing experience. I’ve been in a negative headspace for well over a year, going to other kinds of therapy and support with little to no effect.


With Stephen I went from tears to giggles in less than a couple of hours. I feel liberated from my emotional baggage after just one session. Highly recommended.

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Trauma from bad car crash healed in 2 hours 

So a trusted friend recommended I speak to Stephen as I was in a pretty bad car crash, mid April. I’d had CBT but in all fairness, it done nothing to help me.


So I had a session with Stephen and within an hour, the images, sounds and feelings I had associated with the accident and driving in general afterwards, were basically gone.


I don’t know how the hell it works, I don’t get it, I’m not even gonna pretend that I understand it, but it works. I’ve been driving around today all day with ZERO negative feelings or images and it’s unreal.


I highly recommend Stephen to anyone that has suffered a traumatic experience or just has things in their life they just aren’t happy about.


Thanks Stephen, it was a really experience!

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