What are mental health issues within your business or team costing you..........

Are you paying for treatments that don't work ?

A lot of businesses these days spend thousands sending their staff to counselling or CBT 

Some even send them to learn to be more mindful with meditation etc 


These things don't really solve the problem 

At best they are just managing symptoms and not solving the underlying issues 

Are you paying for staff while they are off?

Wasting money   - Are you wasting a lot of money paying for your staff to have time off while they are trying to get better ?

Do you have irreplaceable staff off work?

Valuable staff suffering  - Have you lost valuable and irreplaceable members of your team due to anxiety or depression and there is no one as good to fill there shoes ?

What would it be worth to you or your business???

To have the possibility of staff with no mental health issues 

Effective Treatment  - be able to get real permanent long lasting results for your staff so they are no longer suffering with mental health issues 

Save thousands - To no longer be spending thousands on therapies that don't work and paying for staff to have long periods of time off work 

Low to zero time off work - To have your team healthy, happy and productive without the risk of long periods of time off work due to mental health issues