Why Choose Us??

Having personally suffered with Depression, Anxiety and Trauma, we tried many traditional and alternative therapies to solve it without success.

​Therefore we completely understand the effects of Mental health and how it effects your personal and working life and we also know that mental health conditions can be resolved and healed very rapidly so you no longer have to suffer unnecessarily.

​We know from our own experience and working successfully with our clients that traditional therapy often doesn't work leaving you stuck and trying to manage or cope with the symptoms and with a belief that nothing can be done and that you have to continue your life this way.

​But we categorically know this is incorrect, and we know that you can be free of your mental health challenges and get back to feeling happy, peaceful & calm.

​The only requirement that is needed is the desire for change and the correct system that can identify the actual  root of your problem ( without analysis ) and then simply switch it off.

That is correct, I did say Switch it off, because that is exactly what we do.

We switch off the issue or problem so you become you again, feeling normal, healthy and happy, being able to focus and enjoy life again, free from the negative emotion, beliefs and behaviours from the past.

The fundamental reason  why we can switch off the problem is simply because you  are triggered into a fight and flight state and once we have identify this response it is now possible for this response to be switched off.

Fight and flight is a biological response in your body designed for when you are in danger. Unfortunately though, in the majority of cases the fight and flight state has been switched on or activated unnecessarily when you are not actually in danger. 

This Fight and Flight state can be switched off easily and effectively and to do this we use a cutting edge process.  It is not a talk therapy, like counselling, CBT, NLP, EFT, hypnotherapy, Mindfulness or Meditation. It is completely revolutionary method different from anything else currently being used.


A brand new simple but powerful way to switch off the fight and flight state and returning you back to being healthy and well again.