Cutting-edge & Effective Mental Health Solutions for Individual, Businesses & Public Sector 


Are mental Health Issues within your business or team costing you money and time??

Public Sector

Are mental health Issues stopping you from working or doing your job effectively??

Personal 1-1

Are you personally suffering with mental health problems.??

We Believe in a world without mental health problems, and we want to share with people that you can heal from mental health and get back to feeling normal again & living happy healthy lives.

Jonathan Shaw 

Jonathan has been a therapist for over 20 years initially specialising in helping people heal Chronic pain and now for the past 10 years he's been helping people heal depression & anxiety, when traditional, alternative and holistic treatments have failed or you have given up hope 

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Stephen Jakes

Stephen Jakes is the co founder of Inside Out Effect Ltd and his role is to facilitate Mental and Emotional health relief to Individuals, Business and Public Sector, using a new cutting edge and highly effective DTO system, a process which removes and deletes learned and accumulated negative thoughts, Emotions, Feelings, Beliefs and Behaviours acquired through everyday life.

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I’ve introduced 2 other people to Steve and they have also benefited. I would recommend steve to anyone.

If your thinking of going to see him but ain’t sure, go you won’t regret it.

—  Rebecca, Anxiey 

Myself and Stephen Jakes have created a Podcast to share information about healing from mental health conditions. Using up to date cutting edge information and a brand new method for healing.

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